Testimonials - Summit Credit Union, Billings, MT

Summit Credit Union needed a new way to document all of their daily work, and an easier way to retrieve it. Jeff Glasstetter, Summit's IT Specialist, also knew that whatever system they used would have to comply with all state and federal regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley.

Matt Davison suggested that Glasstetter consider Digitech's PaperVision™ and PaperFlow™ systems, anticipating that it would be a perfect fit. After reviewing the software's capabilities, Glasstetter agreed. The companies have now been working together for over two years.

"They had the product that we needed," Glasstetter said. "It saves an incredible amount of time on document retrieval--we just type in a date, what it is, and the system brings it right up."

And, he noted, it conforms with Sarbanes-Oxley by ensuring that the scanned document is legible, thus being able to act as the original.

"DIS has good people who are very knowledgeable," Glasstetter said. "We will definitely continue working with them in the future."

DIS Provided Summit Credit Union:

Software: PaperVision™ and PaperFlow™ ECM capture and content management systems.

Hardware: Document Scanner

Services: Installation, Training, Ongoing Support
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