Testimonials - Lewis & Clark National Forest

As a Planning Staff Officer, Robin Strathy has her hands full. She is tasked with ensuring that all administrative records are compiled and organized for litigation-time-consuming and detailed work. And all records must be placed in a format that legal counsel can have readily available.

"[With DIS] everything is scanned and searchable," Strathy said. "The quality has been very good."

In some cases, Strathy has provided DIS with "raw" documents-paper in various sizes, colors and condition, many with handwritten notes, and many not indexed. In one instance, DIS received thousands of public comments which they then indexed and organized, page by page.

"We've put a lot of trust in them," she said. "They've been able to provide us information on the best way to display things if we're not sure what kinds of methodology might work best."

"We have to go out for bids on projects, but have found that they've been very competitive in their bid prices," Strathy noted. And most importantly, she noted, "We've been very happy with the quality of the work that they do for us."

DIS Provided Lewis & Clark National Forest:

Scanning services; litigation support services; ongoing service and support.
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