Testimonials - Sidney Health Center

At Sidney Health Center, storage space is limited-and it comes at a premium. They needed to find a way to store protected confidential medical records safely, securely and efficiently. Scanning technology suited them perfectly.

"We've been working with [DIS] for 8 years, and I could not guess how much shelf space has been saved," said Jane Schumacher, the center's Health Information Director.

The center keeps five years' worth of active records on their shelf, sending everything else for scanning. A part-time staff person prepares the records for transfer, and DIS makes the 270-mile drive to pick them up. The scanned records are returned to the hospital on CD's and then loaded onto a server for retrieval using PaperVision. Once the scans have been reviewed by Schumacher and her team, DIS destroys the documents in their secure facility.

"They've been very easy to work with, and I've got a good comfort level," Schumacher said. "They're a good business partner."

DIS Provided Sidney Health Center:

Software: PaperVision™ ECM content management system

Services: Installation and training; off-site scanning and document destruction; ongoing service and support.
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