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Nobody likes to file. It's boring, time-consuming and tedious. And when you have 900 to 1000 invoices from a single vendor in just one month-and have to pay thousands of vendors each month, like Tire-Rama's Accounts Payable Administrator Norma Allmer, filing goes from being an inconvenience to an absolute nightmare.

"We had baskets of things that needed be filed," she said. "But we just didn't have time to do it."

That's why in 2003, Tire-Rama turned to DIS National Accounts Manager Matt Davison. After evaluating their current system and future needs, he recommended that the company move to an electronic filing system. It would allow, he said, Tire-Rama to eliminate the time needed for filing while still being able to quickly find and print invoices or other detail items.

"It was certainly a lifesaver for me," Allmer said. "After I do a check run, I send all the detail to [DIS] and they scan it and put it into the system. When I need something out of the file, I just pull it up online and view or print a copy."

DIS not only worked with Allmer on getting their newest documents into the system-they also scanned years' worth of Tire-Rama's records into a useable and easily-accessible archive.

"I've never had a situation where something was dropped out of the system and lost," she said. "It just doesn't happen."

DIS Provided Tire-Rama:

Software: PaperVision™ ECM content management systems

Services: Installation and training; off-site scanning and document destruction; ongoing service and support.
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