Testimonials - Energy Laboratories, Billings, MT

An independent commercial analytical lab, Energy Laboratories conducts chemical and environmental testing for mining companies, industrial manufacturers, the agricultural industry, government agencies and more. Over its 50+ year history, it had generated hundreds of thousands of pages of reports, and they needed to find a way to reduce paper storage and destruction costs while still complying with Federal Guidelines.

DIS had the answer, according to Brian Fassett, Energy Laboratories' IT Manager.

"[DIS] implemented a system that has greatly reduced our need for storage of documents," he said. "Through their product, document storage is now electronic. We don't have the expense of a warehouse full of documents or document destruction."

And reduced storage costs aren't the only benefit.

"The availability of the documents has also greatly enhanced our productivity," Fassett noted. "We don't have to go to the storage vault or walk around looking for a document-it's all at our fingertips. And anytime an auditor asks 'by what regulation are you storing your documents?', I can just show them the software [DIS has] installed-it meets all Federal Regulations."

DIS Provided Engergy Laboratories:

Software: PaperVision™ and PaperFlow™ ECM capture and content management systems.

Hardware: Document Scanners

Services: Installation, Training, Ongoing Support
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