Managed Services

Are you familiar with the phrase "It's all about you"? Well, with DIS Managed Services that's exactly what we focus on - you.

We work to assess your technology needs now and in the future, then provide the know-how to get you where you need to go.
If you currently have an IT person or department, we can work with them to provide much-needed assistance and back up.
If you need an IT department but can't afford additional salary and benefit expenses, DIS can fulfill that role for you at a significantly lower cost.

Our Managed Services professionals make sure that your system components are functioning properly, everything is up-to-date and that your system remains secure. We provide reports to let you know about any potential problems and fix them before they cause downtime. We can place limits on your system to help lock out viruses and spyware.

If your employees need assistance, we can even act as your IT help desk and, when possible, make system corrections remotely.

Whatever your needs, we work with you to keep your computer system or network functioning properly. And we always keep your bottom line in mind.

We'd welcome the chance to show you what our Managed Services can do for your business. To learn more, or to talk with one of our Managed Services professionals, contact DIS at
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