Electronic Content Management

If you could save money, increase productivity, comply with regulatory standards and keep your hard copy and electronic data secure all with one system, wouldn't you?

Of course! Then DIS has what you're looking for with our Electronic Content Management system.

Reduce or Eliminate Paper File Storage
Capture and Securely Manage E-mail
Easily Store and Access Data Online

Reduce or Eliminate Paper File Storage

Use one of the most powerful ECM system on the market today to convert your paper documents to electronic records. Imagine being able to:

Scan and index hundreds of pages every minute, and prepare them to be exported into virtually any media.
Eliminate the expense of on-site or off-site storage of paper files and documents.
Reduce to seconds the man hours needed to locate archived documents.
Utilize optical character recognition (OCR) to eliminate the time needed to input system data manually.

Our system works with many types of scanners at their full-rated speeds. That means that you can likely utilize your existing scanning equipment and avoid the expense of additional hardware.

Capture and Securely Manage Email

Integrate the administration of email messages into your company's information management strategy to ensure proper storage for business, reference and regulatory requirements. The result:

Save time by automatically capturing and indexing real-time email messages.
Use full-text searches to locate and retrieve messages in seconds.
Decrease legal risk resulting from message deletion, manipulation or alteration.

It works with almost any system and can be set up within minutes. Plus, there is little training needed for your employees, as they will not need to modify the way that they use their email accounts.

Easily Store and Access Data Online

With our offsite and mirrored data servers, your data is ultra-secure and accessible within seconds, anytime and from anywhere, in the world. That means you will be able to:

Eliminate the time needed by your IT professionals to manually initiate backups by automating them on the schedule you choose.
Establish multiple layers of security, track user activity, create audit trails.
Retrieve critical data almost instantly from any Internet connection, allowing you to recovery quickly after a fire, flood or other disaster.

And most importantly, the DIS team is here for you to answer any questions, resolve any concerns and ensure that your experience exceeds your expectations.

Let us show you how the ECM Software available through DIS can benefit your organization. Contact us at info@dismt.com.
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