Device Management

Every business strives to operate as efficiently as possible-and increased efficiency is exactly what DIS Device Management provides organizations both large and small.

If you have an internal IT department, you are aware that much of their time can be spent loading and unloading software and physically moving computers from one place to another when staff changes occur. They also meet with difficulty when users bypass settings or do not comply when a system change must occur, and have to go from station to station to ensure that they are up to date.

With DIS Device Management, your company:

Significantly reduces the time to make changes, implement new software, or add - delete - move an employee within the system.
Eliminates the need to move computers when employees change workstations-users will have a similar computing experience no matter where or when they log on - without the need for roaming profiles.
Has enhanced security features and patch management protocols to ensure employees cannot bypass settings.
Can reallocate IT professionals' time to higher-priority tasks to move projects forward-resulting in higher productivity and less overtime costs.
Realize savings in energy costs because the system can automatically be powered down when not in use.

The result is that your organization's efficiency will increase while costs decrease-improving your bottom line.

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